Tips for playing piano

I consider the piano the most beautiful instrument, being the most common one of the polyphonic instruments family, meaning it has the capability of reproducing two different types of sound (mostly harmony and melody) at the same time, being the favorite one for soloists. However, considering that for a pianist is a must to develop multitasking abilities, since they have to be able to generate different sounds with both hands while playing, sometimes it could become very challenging and sometimes even overwhelming to learn, no matter whether it is a beginner or an advanced player. Many times this leads to frustration and disappointment when they find their progress is only moving at a snail’s pace, and many players would end up giving up. This article will show you the best tips for you to become a better piano player.

The first tip for playing piano I will give you: It is essential to practice on a daily basis. Studies have shown that just as in math and different sciences, to become a successful musician is necessary to study every day, no matter whether it is only for a few minutes or hours, this will increase your aptitude significantly. Therefore I strongly recommend practicing every day for at leas 30 minutes, of course, always after doing the corresponding warm-ups.

Secondly, when it comes to playing the piano more than any other instrument, it is crucial to learn the theory. This could be the least fun part of learning to play the piano by far but is definitely one a tip will help you out significantly. Without the music theory, there is no way of achieving success as a piano player, and complaining about it would lead you nowhere. That is why I believe this tip for playing the piano is one of the most important ones.

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Another tip for playing the piano is to listen to the song you desire to learn even when you are not in front of the instrument. This helps you to identify the how the song is played, and it lets you recognize easily the emotion it has.

Try not to look at the dynamics when you are getting started with the musical piece. This is one of the tips for playing piano which has been helping me out the most since it allows me to focus more on the notes, rather than the way it has to be played according to the music sheet. Sometimes to pay much heed to it, would end up in you incapable of hearing yourself and making mistakes

Another very helpful tip for playing the piano is to ask for someone to play the song you are just starting to learn so that you can notice the accurate movements the other person is doing. Also, you could ask him how did he practice that certain section that is giving you troubles.

Concentrate as much as you can. Find out a comfortable play where you are not going to be distracted. Playing the piano requires much practice and ability and full concentration from you.


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