How to improve my guitar playing

How to improve my guitar playing

One of the main problems all the guitar players have to face, is that no matter how much they practice, they would still sound sloppy, not fluid enough to have a clean sound, due to the string noise, which is critical when providing a musical performance. This article is precisely written to help you out to better your technique when playing to achieve a cleaner sound.

The first advise is essential when it comes to playing guitar or evenly any instrument. It is always very important to do warm-ups before start practicing. Most of the times after fifteen or twenty minutes of practicing, your fingers will feel over-strained and worn out, and they will start lacking the ability needed, or it could end up even worse, having a serious injury which could stop you from playing for a long time. That is why I always tell and beg to my students to not forget the warm-ups, and they will definitely see the progress in their practice.

Improve my Guitar Playing in just 10 Minutes

Since I think that most of the musicians lack of a sense of awareness of their mistakes, mostly either because the play with distortion, or probably because they speed up too much without paying attention to the finger preciseness, doing a lot of errors along with it. I always tell to my students that to improve the guitar playing is necessary to turn off the distortion while practicing, so that one can realize of all the sounds that are being played, since the distortion always hides and masks any imperfections in your articulation.
Also, to improve significantly the guitar playing and to avoid the common mistakes wither of slowing down or speeding up in certain sections of the musical pieces, I strongly recommend the use of a metronome. It helps the musicians in developing an accurate sense of timing, to be able to play at a steady timing, which is crucial when playing along with an ensemble of two or more musicians, so that all of them will play synchronized accordingly with the right pulse of the song.

Something I realized that did not help me to improve my guitar playing, was that I played the lowest as I could, so that I did not annoy the people I lived with. However, this made me incapable of noticing what I was really playing, and I just realized a few days after I practiced so much a song for a rehearsal, that even though I thought I had the song clean already, in the rehearsal playing aloud was never the same as though I were playing alone in my room. I strongly recommend to improve the guitar playing, to play always louder, so that you can actually hear appropriately what you are playing.


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