How to compose lyrics

How to compose lyrics

I personally have had some difficulty when it comes to writing a song’s lyrics, according to the melody that I composed. Sometimes even though the melody and the harmony are great, if the songs are not that good they could drag down the whole song. Therefore I had to learn some of the fundamental factors that make the lyrics to be attractive for the listener for having beautiful and elusive and eloquent words that match with the song’s melody.

Primarily, it is a must to understand the structure that the song is made with, to know how to compose lyrics for it. The organization depends totally on you, though there are some tendencies when writing a song. Most of the musical pieces are made of an introduction, verse, a chorus, and many times a bridge or a ¨outro¨ which many times gives space to a soloist or a section of tension which explodes with a higher volume and gives the euphoria sensation for the listeners.

When it comes to writing the lyrics, an essential part is definitely the verse, where usually the melody keeps repeating a loop and the lyrics change progressively. The chorus is mostly when the neither the melody nor the lyrics change and are in the same loop, and is the perfect chance to match the lyrics with the melody as much as possible to produce ecstasy in the musical piece. The bridge or the outro has to give the feeling that something completely different is coming, something that changes the path of the song.

One tip that has helped me out in how to compose lyrics is the AABA structure, which is probably the most common one used for popular modern music. A usually signifies verse and B usually signifies chorus, then basically it means there would be two verses, one chorus, and it would end up with the last verse. However, this does not mean it can not change; sometimes it is better to innovate and try with different structures, adding a plus like C, which could mean the bridge or the ¨outro¨.

Probably the hardest part of knowing how to compose lyrics is to get inspired. What I frequently do is to look at my favorite songs and try to get inspired basing my thoughts on them. Once I have heard a good amount of songs, I start writing without worrying about the structure all the ideas I have in mind to afterward, organize them but with the main idea already set.

You have to analyze the song you write, and according to the feeling it gives you, and it made you sense while composing it, start writing the lyrics, based on your opinion of what types of letters you like or dislike, instead of hearing what the other people think.

Looking at existing poems is an excellent method to learn how to compose lyrics, sometimes even to practice, you can adapt them changing a few words, and putting them together in your song to see if that’s the kind of letter you are looking for, or you want to change it. Bein true to your style is the most important thing to learn how to compose lyrics for your songs.


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