Benefits of listening to music

How does music benefit and impact people of various ages all over the world? Learn about the effects of music on the body and psychology!

Suzuki violin recital


It is actually scientifically proven that while you are listening to music, your brain releases dopamine, a neurotransmitter that generates a happiness feeling, leading to deep emotions like excitement and joy.

Many people say music itself is healing, and it is an explosive expression of humanity, it helps in reducing stress, which is imperative since stress causes between 50 – 60& of all illnesses nowadays.

Music also helps you to sleep better, listening to calm classical music 30 or 45 minutes before going to sleep turns it significantly better, thus being an excellent therapy for people who suffer from a very trending illness like insomnia.

Another benefit of listening to music is definitely that it also helps people who suffer from depression, considering that one factor which explodes and generates depression is the lack of sleep. Studies have shown that those who listen to classical music before bedtime have a much better rest than the ones who do no, thereby decreasing the depression dramatically in a very simple way.

Researchers also discovered that music strengthens the memory, and eases any learning process, and helps the people in internalizing and recalling information better, regardless whether they are musicians or not.

“Playing musical instruments in the MRI – the brain on music” 
Another surprising discovery, has shown that one of the most remarkable benefits of listening to music , is that it has the capability to reduce the pain in patients with terminal diseases or intensive care patients, converting it in a great therapy used by many doctors on their patients.

One more benefit of listening to music is that it raises IQ and academic performance, especially in children, according to some studies which state that kids who have received music lessons, develop much better academically than the ones who have not.

Within the countless benefits of listening to music, there also exists the possibility that it boosts up the brain health in seniors. It promotes their cognitive skills and it also creates alternate connections in the brain that could compensate the cognitive decline as we get older, helping the elderly to remain healthy.

Music has just started showing its benefits and how profitable this universal language could be to the world. It won’t be a bad idea investing to do some research about all the secret places that the music reaches, to keep on discovering its endless benefits. 

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