5 Music Tips For Beginners, Music Lovers and Musicians by Tempi Brand

mechanical-metronomeTempi Brand’s Music Tips for Music Lovers and Musicians

1. Know what to practice

A lot of time is wasted practicing things that you’ve either practiced already a million times or that you simply don’t need to practice. It’s easy to sit down and play the things you’re really good at because they make you sound good. If you want to improve though, it makes more sense to figure out your weaknesses and work on those.

2. Stop practicing
Yes, you’ve heard right. Stop practicing for a while. When you stop practicing for a while, you tend to “forget” those automatic licks we keep playing over and over again. Once you get back to practicing, you’ll have to work up new material which adds to your vocabulary and helps you develop your own sound.

3. Put your ego aside – Accept criticism
Putting your ego aside will help you in more ways than one. Letting go of your ego will let you accept criticism, even from musicians that you might consider less experienced. The latter may have learned a lesson that you haven’t yet learned. Also, rehearsal times can be cut dramatically if no egos get in the way of effective work.

4. This is a hard one but Actively seek out challenges
Don’t be afraid to tackle the aspects of your playing you believe you can’t master. Setting the bar higher will accelerate your learning curve.

guitar-lady5. Strive to be a complete musician
The more one knows about music, the more fun it is. And there is always something to learn about music. It would take you several lifetimes to get to know it all. There’s ear training, technique, sound, history, analysis, harmony, arranging, composition…The list is never-ending. Knowledge gained in any area of music will make you a better musician.

Tempi Brand says there are a few simple, yet powerful ways of becoming more successful in music. Their fundamental practice tools do just that.

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The product is not only for beginner musicians. “The Tempi Metronome provides value to musicians of any level.” says Tempi Brand. “Music companies are constantly adding products; we’re taking away. Tempi is only company focusing on the elegant and timeless basics that truly propel success.

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Tempi’s products come elegantly packaged and very easy to set up and use. From a metronome that helps any musician improve their rhythm and sense of timing, to specific products, such as piano stickers that help musicians memorize the keys with a breeze, Tempi states, “Judging by the testimonials, videos and success stories, our customers really enjoy working with us.”

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“I think music in itself is healing. It’s an explosive expression of humanity. It’s something we are all touched by.” No matter what culture we are from, everyone loves music.” Billy Joel

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