3 Qualities You Should Adapt From Successful Musicians

The music industry has always been challenging and cutthroat deep down, and these days, income is becoming harder and harder to find. Making a little income playing music on the side isn’t so hard, but if you want to turn a passion into a profession, you need to want it more than anything else. Although there is a lot of luck involved, many factors can possibly be influenced to put you in a position to launch a musical career. However, it’s crucial not to have unrealistic standards about how things will be once you’re able to quit your “day job.” Here are three qualities that successful musicians possess.

1. They have no other, and no choice
Some skilled professional musicians got where they are today because of the fact that they struggled to get other work, or just weren’t capable of doing anything else. When you have no Fallback to fall back on, Plan A will need to be what works out for you.
Successful musicians are confident and daring enough to dive into their music careers headfirst.

2. They are patient and persistent
This might be one of the most important out of the entire list. A career does not happen overnight, and especially not one in the arts. Even artists like Lorde, who seemed to appear in an instant and blow up the charts from nowhere, had been preparing and preparing for that time for years.

Obviously, very few people have the good fortune to be signed and developed by Universal at the age of 13. Whatever your musical craft may be, so long as you are making steps to improve each day, you will become amongst the best out there. However, it could take years before you’re capable of competing against other professional musicians. If you seek out new opportunities persistently, it’s completely possible to find the gig or job that sets you up into a more stable position, especially once more and more of your competition throws in the towel and looks for other work.
Instead of becoming preoccupied with attempting to get a “big break,” the best successful musicians nowadays concentrate on growing their careers gradually.

3. They’re willing to work hard and educate themselves
A professional musician must fill many hats these days. Often within a band, members will split the roles of manager, promoter and booking agent between the group. There are also many solo artists who take on each one ofthese roles or more by themselves. Thus, it’s essential to be able to educate yourself on the many different aspects of professional music-making, and to enjoy this process.

Obviously, filling these roles results in a great deal of work. John Roderick, who functions as the frontman, songwriter and manager for his band The Long Winters, once told said that the 18-20 hour days he would put in while in the process of releasing and promoting a new record. Of course, the payoff is that there is one less person to pay, and he is thus able to make a sustainable income. If you think that going into music will be an escape from doing “real” work, reconsider.

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